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How to create a customer list using QuickBooks 2004 or Newer

Quickbooks 2004 & newer:

  • Click Reports
  • Click "Customers and Receivables"
  • Choose "Customer Contact List"
  • Click "Modify Report" button
  • Uncheck "Balance Total" & "Bill to"
  • Check: "Alt. Phone", "Street 1", "City", "State", "Zip", "Email", & "Note"
  • Click OK

If you have an Export Button (Pro or higher):

  • Click "Export"
  • Click "comma seperated values (.csv) file"
  • Click "Export"
  • Name the file anything you would like
  • Save this somewhere you can find it (like your desktop)

If there is no Export Button (Basic):

  • Click Print
  • Print to: "File"
  • In dropdown menu choose "Comma Delimited File"
  • Click Print
  • Name the file anything you would like
  • Save this somewhere you can find it (like your desktop)

When you are done, send the file that you made to setup@ezdispatch.com

Can I add an order form to my company website?

Yes, you can!
First, copy this into the head section of your page (between <head> and </head>):
Then, copy this into the body section of your page (between <body> and </body>):
Replace ==EZD ID== with your EZDispatch customer ID number (or login to have this done automatically)
Replace ==SUCCESS PAGE== with the page you want us to forward a user to on a successful try, or fill it in below and click replace to allow us to do it for you:

Lastly, download the javascript, and place it in the same directory as the order form.

Why don't my Bill of Ladings print how they look on the screen?

Many people experience Bill of Ladings that print with black letters on white backgrounds instead of white letters on black backgrounds. The reason is that most web browsers don't print background colors. To fix this follow the instructions for your browser:

Internet Explorer:

  • Click Tools
  • Click "Internet Options..."
  • Go to the Advanced Tab
  • Scroll down until you see the "Printing" section
  • Check the box that says "Print background colors and images"
  • Click OK


  • Click File
  • Click "Page Setup..."
  • Check the box labeled "Print Background (colors & images)"
  • Click OK

How can I set up my phone to access my loads on EZDispatch?

Follow the instructions on your particular phone to set up a bookmark, favorite or home page. The page you are directing it to should be http://ezdispatch.com?u=YourUserName&p=YourPassword. Replace the red words with your username and password supplied by the Main Admin at your company.